Dumfries Cycling

Shaun Harper

Heathhall Woods Trail

Distance 500 yards

Good for an hours or so testing kit, bike set up or just a quick play. You can walk in if you want to take kids and even walk the dog while they play. It's also easily reached from the cycle path.

It's the only mtb track purpose built in Dumfries. The dog walker's are around but not on the berm track. Short blast track but long enough if you circuit train on it. In between laps you can go for a shot on the concrete ramps of the old Jones sawmill which can improve your riding skills.

Great for anyone wanting to learn jumping techniques. You can start on the edge of the ramps and progress upwards to 750mm giving riders confidence. I try kit like pedals and spd shoes out there on the ramps and bike set up.

Overall its good if you dont have much time but want to mtb ride. Will improve your fitness and riding skills.

Contributed by Kev 'Mabie Warrior'.


Dumfries Cycling